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Greg S.

This is the real deal! If you remember the NW pizza chain Pietro's, it all started right here in Longview. In this very building. I understand the store is run by the three sons of the original owner (hence "trio's"). This was the first pizza joint in this town; the original. The pizza is as it always was, thin and crisp . None of that thick and gooey crust for me.

I'm not sure why the sad reviews, the food is just as I remember it as a kid, and I've had nothing but good experiences here in the years since they've reopened. My Mother was raised in this town, her first pizza ever was here. She agrees it is as good as ever. Gone is the "Gay 90s" decor , but the food is the same. We would normally get the combo, but when I was young I like the Canadian bacon and tomato. And I don't like my tomatoes cooked, gross!

Try the buffet lunch which includes salad bar and drink. They get an extra star from me just for the nostalgia.

Anne M.

The pizza I enjoyed over 40 years ago at Pietro's Pizza in Longview has come back at Pie@trio's in the old Pietro's location. The same old standbys are there (with new names due to ownership issues) - after Pietro's closed, I thought I would never have a Bartender's Special again, but now they are back. We were lucky enough to find this the last time we visited Longview, and now it's on my list of places to visit every time I find myself back in town. If only I could find pizza like this in LA.

Randy H.

This is the pizza of my youth. I was very happy to see it open again a couple years ago. Best pizza in town. My favorite has been and will always be their Taco pizza, try it out you will not be disappointed. There pepperoni is also excellent. Wish it was a little cheaper but maybe it tastes so good because of the quality products they use.

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Hanna C.

Best pizza in the Pacific Northwest! Love the pepperoni, but by far the best 'za they offer is their TACO! Great atmosphere - especially summertime when you can sit outside, and enjoy delicious pizza with a glass (bottle) of wine! Now if you could only deliver to Portland!!!


I can't really explain the taste sensation, but it was fantastic and harkened back to pizza of old. Atmosphere great for the kids and the service, although very busy, was attentive and courteous. Couldn't recommend it more highly.


TheTaco Pizza to die for! If you haven't tried it you're missing out! Have it with a salad too! The salad bar is one of the best around. They have great toppings!

Dan Rogan

They took a few minutes longer than they said with my order, and apologized and asked if i wanted a free drink. very nice of them; and i didn't even mind the wait. TACO pizza is the best anywhere!!! The employees seem to like being there, my wife is in HR and she made many positive comments to the Manager. Did I mention the TACO?! Awesome...

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I have had pizza in many states and Italy too. Pietros is best because of the fresh ingredients and superb crust. I am a chef and cannot replicate the complicated crust. To make a crust both crispy and chewy and one that holds up the ingredients without sagging can be impossible. Some restaurants have been close but no one can achieve this perfection like you. Yours is never soggy, and never burned on the edge. Your ingredients are fresh and the sauce especially is perfect. I would like you to open a restaurant in Dallas, Texas please.


There tends to be two kinds of Pizza places. Those that make the Domino's/Pizza Hut style floppy basic pizza, and those places that create a lovely, crispy local pizze. Pie@Trio's is definitely the second. They make great, crispy, tasty pizza that is the type of pizza one thinks about when they imagine the perfect slice. Definitely worth it.

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